March 23, 2011#
Manga Me Avatar “Dr. Rusty Venture”
Manga Me Avatar “Aang”
Manga Me Avatar “Batman”
Manga Me Avatar “Mc Bat Commander”

A few posts back my friend Jay commented about how he can’t wait to see “the book.” Well, let me tell you what he was talking about. I’ve been turning my Manga Avatar into different pop culture characters (either bald or masked) that I want to compile into a book. So far I’ve complete about 25 out of the 100 characters (partial list below). If you think of any good ones I might have missed feel free to let me know. Here’s a sneak peak of a few that I’ve complete so far. Enjoy.

  1. Dr. Rusty Venture
  2. Mc. Bat Commander
  3. Jason Voorhees
  4. John Locke
  5. Batman
  6. Captian Picard
  7. Mr. Clean
  8. Aang – The Last Air Bender
  9. Popeye
  10. Kojack
  11. Dr. Manhattan
  12. Lex Luthor
  13. Mr. Clean
  14. Silver Surfer
  15. God of War
  16. Captain America
  17. Galactus
  18. Cyclops
  19. Archangel
  20. Juggernaut
  21. Voltron
  22. Racer X
  23. DareDevil
  24. Spiderman
  25. Venom

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