May 16, 2011#
I Can Count to Potato – Vertical
I Can Count to Potato
I Can Count to Potatoe – GWB

I designed these little spuds about a year and a half ago (or more).

These are now available as a Fine Art Prints at søciety6

March 21, 2011#
My Neice’s Wedding Invitation
My Neice’s Thank You Card
My Neice’s Reception Card & RSVP

My oldest niece, Brandy, is getting married in May and I thought being a good uncle I should offer to design and print her wedding invitations (I was dying for a letterpress project). She was super excited by the offer. After talking with her about her wedding color pallet and theme I came up with a few designs for her to choose from. Once the design was finalized I printed them at AS200 in Providence with the help of my friend Mike. We did a marathon day of printing (about 8 solid hours worth). It looks really nice if I don’t say so myself. Brandy is going to love it. Here are some photos (photos taken by Fetching Photo).

PAPER STOCK: Cranes Lettra Cover, 110 lb (300 gsm)

March 9, 2011#
Whatta Ya Doin - Capie Letterpress Print

A few months ago I took a letterpress class at AS200 with my buddy Mike. The two of us are always seeing really amazing pieces on FPO and thought we should take a class to make some of our own. I decided my first letterpress project would have to be a poster of my parrot, Caprica Six. She’s a Bronze Wing Pionus (not a Cylon). Capie is always saying “Whatta Ya Doin?” in her little bird voice. So I thought why not make a poster of her saying just that.

PAPER STOCK: Cranes Lettra Cover, 110 lb (300 gsm)

This is now available as a Fine Art Print at søciety6