March 23, 2011#
Manga Me Avatar “Dr. Rusty Venture”
Manga Me Avatar “Aang”
Manga Me Avatar “Batman”
Manga Me Avatar “Mc Bat Commander”

A few posts back my friend Jay commented about how he can’t wait to see “the book.” Well, let me tell you what he was talking about. I’ve been turning my Manga Avatar into different pop culture characters (either bald or masked) that I want to compile into a book. So far I’ve complete about 25 out of the 100 characters (partial list below). If you think of any good ones I might have missed feel free to let me know. Here’s a sneak peak of a few that I’ve complete so far. Enjoy.

  1. Dr. Rusty Venture
  2. Mc. Bat Commander
  3. Jason Voorhees
  4. John Locke
  5. Batman
  6. Captian Picard
  7. Mr. Clean
  8. Aang – The Last Air Bender
  9. Popeye
  10. Kojack
  11. Dr. Manhattan
  12. Lex Luthor
  13. Mr. Clean
  14. Silver Surfer
  15. God of War
  16. Captain America
  17. Galactus
  18. Cyclops
  19. Archangel
  20. Juggernaut
  21. Voltron
  22. Racer X
  23. DareDevil
  24. Spiderman
  25. Venom
March 21, 2011#
My Neice’s Wedding Invitation
My Neice’s Thank You Card
My Neice’s Reception Card & RSVP

My oldest niece, Brandy, is getting married in May and I thought being a good uncle I should offer to design and print her wedding invitations (I was dying for a letterpress project). She was super excited by the offer. After talking with her about her wedding color pallet and theme I came up with a few designs for her to choose from. Once the design was finalized I printed them at AS200 in Providence with the help of my friend Mike. We did a marathon day of printing (about 8 solid hours worth). It looks really nice if I don’t say so myself. Brandy is going to love it. Here are some photos (photos taken by Fetching Photo).

PAPER STOCK: Cranes Lettra Cover, 110 lb (300 gsm)

March 14, 2011#
Mini Munny Ornament – Red Glitter
Mini Munny Ornament – Green Glitter

Before the holidays (way back) in 2008 I made these Mini Munny Holiday Ornaments. Thought I’d share them with you.

March 12, 2011#
Maul’s Bike Shop Posse Sticker
Maul’s Bike Shop Posse Sticker
Maul’s Bike Shop Posse Sticker
Maul’s Bike Shop Posse Sticker
Maul’s Bike Shop Posse Sticker

After I designed the tee shirts for Maul’s Bike Shop they asked I if I could take the faces and update their Posse stickers. Here are the 5 new sticker designs:

  1. Dick Maul
  2. Maul Stanley
  3. Maul Simmons
  4. Maul Frehley
  5. Maul Criss
March 12, 2011#
Mauls Bike Shop Tee (option 1)
Mauls Bike Shop Tee (option 2)
Mauls Bike Shop Tee (option 3)
Mauls Bike Shop Tee (option 4)

Tomorrow is Maul’s Brawl and it reminds me of back in October when Frankie and I when to the Hyde Skatepark Contest. I was asked by John Maul & Tony Long, of Maul’s Bike Shop, if I would design some tee shirt graphics for the Shops 20th Anniversary (I think it might actually be their 22nd). Here are a few of the designs I came up with. They picked the Kiss Dynasty spoof art with Dick Maul’s face under the make-up (option 1).

March 11, 2011#
NinJay Logo

Every once an awhile my co-workers and I will give ourselves a little side project just to make sure our creative juices are always flowing. We all drew names out of a hat and whomever’s name you drew you would have to make a logo for them. I drew Jason’s name… now, Jay is a the office Ninja, so I thought it would be fitting to do something Ninja like for his logo. I designed a sort of triptych logo showing 3 weapons that the NinJay would use to kill his enemy: the Shuriken, the Ninja itself and the Sai.

March 11, 2011#
Free Coffee Tee Shirt

I’m a big Ben Folds fan and I’ve seen him play many times. He always puts on a great show and really knows how to rock that piano. When he came out with the song “Free Coffee” I thought it would be funny to make a tee shirt for it using the Dunkin’ Donuts logo. I can’t wait till he comes around again so I can wear the shirt to the show.

March 9, 2011#
Whatta Ya Doin - Capie Letterpress Print

A few months ago I took a letterpress class at AS200 with my buddy Mike. The two of us are always seeing really amazing pieces on FPO and thought we should take a class to make some of our own. I decided my first letterpress project would have to be a poster of my parrot, Caprica Six. She’s a Bronze Wing Pionus (not a Cylon). Capie is always saying “Whatta Ya Doin?” in her little bird voice. So I thought why not make a poster of her saying just that.

PAPER STOCK: Cranes Lettra Cover, 110 lb (300 gsm)

This is now available as a Fine Art Print at søciety6

March 9, 2011#
Mini Munny Orange Pure Premium
Mini Munny Orange Pure Premium (carton front)
Mini Munny Orange Pure Premium (carton back)

After the Tropicana rebranding debacle I decided to have a crack it myself. What I came up with was the Mini Munny Orange Pure Premium, a tall glass of freshly squeezed Orange Munny.

March 7, 2011#
Manga Me Avatar
Manga Me Mini Munny
Manga Me Mini Munny
Manga Me Mini Munny Packaging
Manga Me OBEY Poster

Still on my custom vinyl toy kick I decide to make a “Mini Me” a’la Austin Powers and Manga. I created my Manga Avatar at FaceYourManga Then I traced me in Illustrator to get a little more detail. Finally my “Mini Me” was was born. I also created an Obey Giant style “Obey Manga Me” Poster to tie it all up.